A Theater of History, Landscape and Nature
Mandrialooonga: Reggia di Venaria
Loop route about 20km
From the magnificence of the Reggia di Venaria you walk through its superb Gardens to enter the Parco della Mandria, once the hunting territory of the Savoy family: ploughing through an unspoiled natural environment rich in history, we arrive at the intimate places experienced by Victor Emmanuel II and “Bela Rosina” admiring the Mandria Castle and walking around the Villa dei Laghi, a space that is usually inaccessible, and then return to the palace through fabulous woods and meadows.


Meet at 8 a.m. at the Palace of Venaria (path in the Gardens) to pick up T-shirt. Free departure between 9-9:30 a.m. and return to the Palace.
Stage refreshments and final refreshments provided.
In case of bad weather: postponed to Sunday, October 22.

Event Details

Date: 8 Ottobre 2023

Meeting: 08:00

End time: 12:30

Venue: Reggia di Venaria

Phone: +393289655260 (dalle 09.00 alle 12.00) / +393891936842 (dalle 15.00 alle 18.00)